The Silent Army and the Noisy Army will demonstrate outside GMC Offices London at 1.30pm on Thursday April 29th

This demonstration is not just about Dr Myhill. It is much more about how the ME/CFS community has been systematically down-trodden by the Medical Establishment for decades. Come and leave your mark!


If you are not well enough to come (and I do not want very sick people made more ill as a result of this day)  - join the Silent Army! Send a picture of yourself by email to the demo organiser Ruth Myhill with a short message to the GMC (no more than 8 words). These will be made public on the day.
If you can come - yippee! Bring an A3 size paper with a message from you to the GMC which can be read in a photo shoot! We will gather at 1.30pm.  The Silent Army will amass ranks during the morning and be present for all to see. There will be a speech by Dr Myhill and at 2pm the GMC will deliver its verdict. This Dr Myhill’s champagne or chopping block moment! We will then disperse. Please tell Ruth if you can be there so she can keep you all updated.

We shall bring every single letter and email that has been sent to the GMC together with the online petition and Facebook. If you have not put your name to these - please do so now!

  • Petition - see WITCH HUNT OF DR SARAH MYHILL - this now has 2095 signatories!
  • Facebook: SUPPORT DR SARAH MYHILL 1,205 entries
  • One Click has done a lovely job - see Support Dr Sarah Myhill Campaign Launched. Ask to be put on the mailing list.

For directions to the GMC see [[1]]

Please keep in regular touch with this website - the GMC have changed the arrangements once and this has cause havoc already!

The Hearing is at 9.30am on Thursday April 29th . There are 24 seats available to the Public which have all been booked. Unless you have a seat do not come at 9.30! In the Public Interest we have asked the GMC to allow us to video record the meeting. This will go on-line as soon as technically possible. We will keep you updated on this website of details.

If you do have a seat booked for the Hearing but are not well enough to attend, please let us know at  so that we can fill it.