Woman with chemical sensitivities camps out on condo balcony

Por: Theresa Boyle

Linda Sepp is now camped out on a cot on the seventh-storey balcony of her father’s condominium.

The 50-year-old woman with chemical sensitivities was evicted from her High Park home on Tuesday

She is essentially homeless because she can’t find an affordable home that doesn’t aggravate her condition. The city has offered to house her in a subsidized unit or shelter, but she says both are too toxic.

The developer who had her evicted from her home, slated for demolition and redevelopment, offered to spend $200,000 on a house anywhere in the province and rent it back to her for $500 a month. But she found the four options presented to her toxic as well.

Sepp spent part of Tuesday night in her car in a parking lot of a west-end Buddhist temple. But she was asked to leave because temple managers were worried about legal liability.

She says she can’t stay inside her 82-year-old father’s condo because chemicals in household items such as cleaning products and carpets bother her.

Sepp says she has multiple chemical sensitivity and suffers headaches, blurry vision and weakness when exposed to chemicals.

For now, she is bunking down on her father’s balcony. “Luckily last night was quite warm,” he said.

Sepp said she has had only about an hour’s sleep. “I’m really weak . . . just all the time,” said the woman who is on Ontario Disability Support.

Meanwhile, her family is desperately searching for new accommodation. They hope Toronto Community Housing will come through with a chemical-free home.


Fuente: Healthzone

Imagen: Rick Eglinton/Toronto Star

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